Cat Urine Odor Removal Tips

cat urine

Cat urine smell is really embarrassing and drives you crazy sometimes, isn't it?  No matter if your cat sprays urine to mark territory or just because he or she likes it.
The result will be the same. It makes you upset. As long as you can spot the problem area, you're still lucky  because once the cat urine has dried, you will have to locate it by smell or by using a black light.

As soon as you find out the problem area, you got to manage to completely remove the urine, not only because of the smell but to prevent your cat of thinking of that particular place as a bathroom :).

The issue with cat urine removal is that it consists of organic compounds that can pose some problems when trying to remove it . Some of the cat urine compounds aren't water soluble like the uric acid which is capable of binding to adjacent surfaces.

How to remove cat urine.

Once you find cat urine spot, you should:

 Dry the urine with paper towel and use the same to b the lot urine in rugs. Do not use cloth unless you're sure you won't need it again.

To clean the compounds that are not water-soluble, use enzyme cleaners which are the most powerful substance in term of cleaning cat urine. They are meant to destroy the uric acid into ammonia and carbon dioxide. You will notice that it will off gas afterward.

Use the best enzyme cleaner possible - inexpensive cleaners often require multiple uses before they remove the odor of cat urine.

Do not try to speed up the drying process after using an enzyme cleaner because you may stop the enzyme from dissipating of the ammonia and carbon dioxide.

 When applying the cleaner; you should soak the target area to allow the enzymes to really do their job.

After leaving the cleaner on for approximately a quarter of an hour, blot it up, then let the spot dry naturally.
Although rugs are the usual areas where your cat may urinate, beds, sofas, and clothing can also be sullied. Use the same procedure on these as you did on your rug. Slipcovers and clothing should be washed separately after they have been treated with the enzyme cleaner. Spray marking will be found on a vertical surface such as a door frame or chair leg.

cat urine


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